Large areas of Thailand have been flooded in 2011. Flooding was partly caused by long rains, minor floods are common in the raining season in Thailand. Before the raining season started the hydro power dams have not released sufficient water to be able to buffer the rains. Releasing large amounts of water from the dams during the heavy rains have caused the worst floods in Thailand as people can remember.

Photos are taken 31 October 2011, northwest of Bangkok, Nonthaburi province, Sai Noi. I made the trip for an assignment to advice a company about a worst case scenario for electrical power outage during a flood, and how to use the available emergency generators that they had. My experience from my previous career in electrical power distribution systems for large industrial and offshore applications was used well.

Large areas north, east and west of Bangkok have been flooded. Central Bangkok had a narrow escape. Our photography tours are ongoing, and have not been affected. The dry season has started with nice sunny weather, in central Bangkok you can hardly notice something has happened, only the river is flowing faster then normal.

This was a short video taken on he way back.

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